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Customer Service Charter

Our customer service charter sets out the standards of service you should expect from us.

We want to provide you with the best possible service in a caring and efficient way.

The charter sets out response policy for contact with us by telephone, email or in person

It also gives guidance on how Asili SACCO staff are expected to behave and how we receive and deal with complaints and praise



1.We are committed to offering you excellent service with honesty, transparency, responsiveness and fairness.

2.We commit our selves to:

  1. Respond to you within the least time possible of your visit to our offices
  2. Handle your needs with confidentiality and the urgency they deserve.

3.Our services are free, and we up hold the ethics in a corruption free environment

4.We will provide you with clear information about our services and products.

5.In the event of experiencing any difficulties in obtaining services, please ask to see the Public Relations Officer.


Courtesy and consideration

  1. We will be welcoming, polite, courteous and helpful.
  2. We will listen in order to understand and respond to your needs.
  3. We will monitor and evaluate customer satisfaction levels.
  4. We will uphold professionalism and integrity in serving you.

Helping us serve you better

  1. You are expected to be a member of good character.
  2. The Society will appreciate a feedback from you on the services rendered.
  3. If you are satisfied with our services tell others if not tell us.
  4. Treat us with courtesy and politeness as we are here to serve you.
  5. Make suggestions if you think there are ways we could improve our products and services.




Upon receipt of your application for admission, the Society will acknowledge your application and advise you within two (2) days.

Upon admission shares, BBF and the membership fee deductions from your salary will be effected the same or following month depending on the circumstances. Bm members to pay cash upon application for membership.

Upon admission, you will be provided with a copy of the society By-laws at a cost of Kshs. 100/-




  1. 1.Ordinary normal loan – 3 times members deposits for 36 months at 1% interest on the reducing balance or 12% p.a.. Processed within one month.
  1. 2.Special normal loan – 4 times member’s deposits for 48 months at the rate of 1.25% interest per month (or 15% p.a.). Processed within one month.


  1. 3.Super normal loan – 4 times member’s deposits for 60 months at the rate of 1.5% per month or 18% p.a. Processed within one month.
  1. 4.Maendeleo loan – 4 times member’s deposits for 72 months at the rate of 2% per month. Processed within one month.
  1. 5.Instant normal loan – 3 times member’s deposits for 36 months, processed within four hours interest at 1.5%.
  1. 6.Emergency loan for twelve (12) months 1% interest rate on the reducing balance. The loan is processed within two hours.
  1. 7.School fees loan for twelve (12) months at 1% interest rate on the reducing balance. The loan is processed within two hours.

The Society‘s membership requirements are:-

  1. 1.Registration – KShs.500/= (new member)

Old member rejoining KShs.1,500/= as rejoining fees.

  1. 2.Minimum share contribution KShs.1,200/= per month.
  1. 3.Eligibility for a loan is after six months of membership.
  1. 4.BBF (Burial Benevolent Fund) contribution of KShs.200/= for members within the common bond and KShs.250/= for BM members (Members not on the check off system)



- Salary in advance (salary cheques must pass through FOSA)

- Salary Advance

- FOSA clearance

- Salary processing

- Bankers cheques



- Must operate an A/c with FOSA

- Monthly salary must be going through FOSA

- Repayment period is up to 24 months

- Net salary must cover loan repayment and interest and leave a balance of Kshs. 2000/-

- Interest rate 1.5 % P.m

Holiday Savings Account - 12 months maturity.

   6% interest per annum

Asili Super Saver Account - Minimum opening balance – KShs.10,000/=

                                                Interest 8% per annum

Fixed Deposit - Minimum deposit – KShs.20,000/=.

- Minimum period - 3 months

- Interest at 6% special per annum. Other rates can be  

- negotiated depending on the amount.

Medical Scheme - Without withdrawal for 12 months but in case of illness

                                                   cheque to be written to hospital

- Interest 6% per annum

Asili cheque encashment - 3% or KShs.300/= whichever is higher

ATM - KShs.30/= per withdrawal

         - Frequent withdrawals

         - Maximum withdrawal – KShs.20,000/=

Cheque clearance - Internal cheque – immediately at KShs.150/=

- External cheque – four working days

Loan clearance - For Asili SACCO members

                    - At 15% for FOSA A/C Holders and 20% for Non A/C Holders and dormant Accounts

Baraka Savings Account      - ID of the parents

                                                   - Birth certificate of the child

                                                   - Minimum balance – KShs.1,000/=


Education Savings Scheme - Not withdrawable for 12 months

                                                   - Interest determined from time to time – 6%

                                                   - Free bankers cheque

                                                   - Cheque clearance – KShs.150/=

                                                   - Pre-mature clearance – KShs.500/=(effects not cleared  (withdrawals)


FOSA Mwananchi Accounts – Group Account – requirements

                                                                                                           - Registration certificate of the group

                                                                                                           - Minutes resolving to open an Account with FOSA

                                                                                                           - Photocopies of I.Ds of the office bearers (signatories)

                                                                                                           - Two photographs, passport size of each office bearer.

                                                                                                           - Minimum opening balance – KShs.5,000/=.

                              Savings Operations

                            - Banking should be regular atleast weekly

                                                                    - Normal withdrawal once a week

                                                                    - Seven (7) days notice for withdrawal over KShs.250,000/=

                                                                    - Interest earning balance – KShs.10,000/=

                                                                    - Interest will be determined from time to time

                                                                    - Minimum operating balance – KShs.1,000/=

                              - Charges

                              KShs.50/= per withdrawal per week

                              Frequent withdrawal – additional KShs.50/=

                              A/C closing – KShs.300/=

                              Withdrawal without notice – KShs.500/=

                              Ledger fee of KShs.50/= per month


You are entitled to complain against any of our officers if, while dealing with you, you feel dissatisfied. In this respect our Public Relations Officer under takes to handle all your complaints.


Your beneficiary or nominee is entitled to receive double your savings upon your demise while still a member; and all loans outstanding shall be off set by the insurance Company. Such dues shall be paid within a period of thirty (30) days upon receipt of all relevant documents.



You have a right to withdraw from the society subject to meeting the conditions set out in the society’s By Laws. i.e.

Swift withdrawal- Paid within seven (7) days at a fee of 10% of the total deposits

Normal withdrawal- paid after Sixty (60) days


Share/ Deposits contribution

You shall make consistent monthly share/ deposits contribution

Loan repayment


It is your duty to repay the loan obtained consistently and to inform the society in writing when the loan is not being recovered until the full amount is repaid.


As a guarantor, you will be required to repay any defaulted loan guaranteed by you in full jointly and severally on a prorate basis.


You have a right to guarantee and to be guaranteed for a loan

Dividend / Interest

You are entitled to receive Dividend/interest on your shares when declared


You are entitled to a refund of any erroneous deductions from your salary within one day after complaint is launched


You have a right to attend Branch General Meetings. Members education days and to participate therein.


You have a right to vote and contest any elective office within your branch in pursuant to our By-laws.


Upon receipt of your correspondence, we undertake to acknowledge it immediately.

Upon receipt of your application for an emergency loan, school fees it will be processed if in cash the same day and if Posta pay within three (3) days.

Upon receipt of your normal application/development loans it will be processed and paid to you according to your preferred mode of payment by the 15th of the following month i.e. cheque or Electronics Funds Transfer (EFT).

Comments, complaints and suggestions;


We are always happy to receive feedback from our customers on services we provide. Please complete our evaluation form.

You can make comments, suggestions, complaints or compliments in English or Kiswahili through our website: http//


You can telephone our Feedback Line
(020) 2699305/2630244

Mobile: 0722472823


You can post written feedback or complaints to the

Chief Executive Officer

Asili Co-op. Centre

Lower Ngara Road

Opposite Arya Boys

P.O. Box 49064 – 00100


Fax: (020)2699055

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it "or info@ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Web site: